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Hefei Minsing Automotive Electronic Co., Ltd.

Phẩm chất Nhiệt điện trở NTC chính xác, Epoxy Thermistor nhà sản xuất từ ​​Trung Quốc

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China NTC Thermistor & Temperature Sensor Manufacturers and Distributors

May 18, 2022
Good quality of NTC thermistor and Temperature sensor , provider from China, visit : www.precisionntcthermistor.com for more detailes.
We, Hefei Sensing Electronic Co.,LTD is Chinese leading NTC manufacturer, starting researching and developing thermal sensitive ceramic powder ,chipping , elements, and sensors from 1994 . After many years constant efforts , we now achieved mature chipping craft and mass scale production . The variety models of our precise thermistor elements used extensively in household electrical appliances , Auto. electronics , electrical instruments , telecom equipments , medical apparatus, industry meters and military devices .